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For companies

CarsArmored.Org offers any company which sells armoured cars, equipment, bulletproof plates, glass, etc. to present themselves at no cost. We will publish documents regarding armouring, technical data, pictures and link to the web site of your company. In addition, we may test any car and print our results here.

Policy for documents publishing and for the rest of this page:
  • 1) CarsArmored.Org (only CAO below) is a company which does not sell anything including armoured car, plates, glass or guns. A treaty is being considered to be signed up between CAO and party mentioned below.
  • 2) A company (“party“ above, “CPN“ below) claims that every point of this agreement is clear and that the agreement between CAO and CPN includes all points mentioned within this page. Further agreement details may be arranged after contacting the CAO staff.
  • 3) CPN declares that any document provided to CAO was not stolen and is original (unless CPN has rights to re-publish the content from the primary source which is owner of such document).
  • 4) CAO will publish provided documents based upon review and potential updates.
  • 5) CAO has right to decline any provided document.
  • 6) CPN gives a permission to CAO to publish the content once it's being sent by email, or post service.
  • 7) CAO accepts documents in written or spoken format, preferably in PDF, ODT, DOC formats saved within emails, sent by post service (letters or DVDs, CDs).
  • 8) CAO has right to publish advertisement on pages which use content provided by CPN.
  • 9) CAO does not pay CPN for any provided document, CPN does not pay CAO for document publishment.
  • 10) Communication between CAO and CPN is spoken or written English.

Policy for cars testing:
  • 1) All above-mentioned points are part of this agreement.
  • 2) CPN pays CAO staff for this service which includes fees for airticket (or fees for other way of travelling) and additional fees which include accomodation, food and unexpected fees.
  • 3) CPN pays CAO 20% of estimated fees before the trip starts. Payment information will be provided after contacting the CAO staff.
  • 4) CPN pays 80% of fees after final testing.
  • 5) All differences and fees will be enclosed and CPN agrees to pay 100% of fees including unexpected fees to CAO through bank-wire.
  • 6) Car testing will be done after briefing called between CPN and CAO. This briefing must happen.
  • 7) CAO is not responsible for any damages caused by car testing. However, CAO guarantees good will and will do everything possible to make the testing safe.
  • 8) CAO will bring all technical equipment (cameras) by themselves.
  • 9) The fee is refundable if only the trip was not undertaken.

Latest change: 19/07/2007 (dd/mm/yyyy). Further questions can be answered after contacting the staff.