mercedes-benz s 600 guard; 2006 model

Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard; 2006 model

A superior car, offering perfect driving attributes, comfort and high level protection; This could be a shortcut of Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard made of approximately 500 steel elements. Naturally, this model, with a 3165 mm wheelbase, became the flagship in the Guard range. Unlike cars with imbedded armor, this model comes fully armored from a dedicated production line and is built to customer's requirements. Of course, built-in armor isn't the only attribute which makes it different from other cars. A powerful, twelve-cylinder bi-turbo engine with 380 kW (517 hp) of power, delivered with armor which fits B6 and B7 protection levels, innovative Brake Assist system, PRE-SAFE®, DISTRONIC PLUS, radar-based Parking system, infrared lamps, enhanced control panel, Cockpit Management and Data System, make this Mercedes-Benz an outstanding model within all the Mercedes-Benz series. With the added security, you'll still be able to enjoy the quality and comfort of a traditional Mercedes vehicle. The Mercedes-Benz S 600 offers safety and peace of mind for any celebrity, executives, politican or any other public figure.

Made of bulletproof glass and steel designed to thwart gunfire, B6 and B7 protection levels secure passengers from rifles, hand guns and all military-standard small-arms in general. Run-flat tyres help to escape from the attack zone without any problem. Moreover, passengers are protected against grenade fragments too. In order to raise the security level, the Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard includes optional emergency fresh-air system which simply blocks the fresh air from outside if needed. There's an on-board compressed-air cylinder which creates overpressure inside the car, so that it makes nearly impossible to let gases enter the car. This emergency system can be even activated manually. The security level is emphasized by airbags and a unique PRE-SAFE® anticipatory occupant protection system.

Naturally, armored parts mean extra weight. These parts include hardened links between the body shell and chassis, modification of the chassis, steel springs on the rear axle, twin caliper front brake discs and as mentioned above, run-flat wheels. Basically, the extra weight has advantages as well as disadvantages. The first and last disadvantage is the need for a powerful engine, which the Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard has. Advantages are, of course armor, high probability of escape even if the car has crashed (because more robust the car is, less damage it suffers), and stability during a bomb attack. Forming and cutting each of about 500 steel elements is done with a 3000-bar water jet. Everyone should know that two armored elements grouped into one offer more reliability and satisfaction than if they were standalone. This is why engineers weld some components together, which are then heat-treated and offer more safety. It's not possible to bend such modified steel, so it can meet the ballistics standards later. Armored components are installed into the car within the process known as geometric joining. Geometric joining means that extra parts (armor) are integrated into the car's body on the production line, which results in the same car design like non-armored S class.

Armored Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard might meet B4, and B6/B7 resistance level depending on the customer's requirements. In the first case, the car model is called ‘High-Protection’. The second case, which can resist terrorist attacks, is called ‘Highest-Protection’.

Naturally, every car, no matter if armored or not, is designed for everyday use. In this sense, the S 600 Guard has been tested before it was officially released to the market. An easy way to get the money to bulletproof your car would be to get a personal loan. Titlemax loans can be arranged and you can have the cash in less than a day. You can apply to a Title Max loan online and get approved quickly. Nowadays, Mercedes' tests standards say every Guard model undergoes 100 000 kilometres including ordinary roads, city traffic, trial drives on the Grossglockner mountain pass, cordoned-off test tracks or the sweltering heat of Laredo in Texas.

Technical data for the S 600 Guard (B6/B7)

Cylinder arrangementV12
Output (kW(hp)/at rpm)*380 (517)/5000
Displacement (cc)5513
Maximum torque (Nm/at rpm)*830/1800-3500
Maximum speed (km/h), electronically limited210
Permitted GVW (kg)4200
Tank capacity (litres)90
Boot capacity (litres)**483
TiresMichelin PAX 245-700 R470 AC
Tire dimensionsMichelin PAX 235-470A ET56
Wheel design7-spoke
* Figures according to EC directives /
** Payload depends on specification

History of Mercedes passenger cars with special-protection features

Build yearModel seriesModel designation
1928 - 1932W 08460 Nũrburg
1930 - 1938Super Mercedes770 K, 1935 -- Emperor Hirohito's car
1938 - 1943Super Mercedes770 K - Vehicle for state occasions
1964 - 1981W 100600 - Vehicle for official and state occasions
1971 - 1972W 108280 SE 3.5
1972 - 1980W/V 116350 SE/SEL; 450 SE/SEL
1979 - 1999 G 463280/300/500 GE - Off-roaders
1980 - 1992W/V126380 SE/SEL; 420 SE/SEL; 500 SE/SEL; 560 SEL
1992 - 1999V 140S 500 L; S 600 L; S 600 L Pullman
1996 - 2002W 210E 420 (B6)
1997 - 2002W 210E 320/E 430 (B4) / E 430 (B6)
1999 - 2006V 220S 500 L (B6/B7)
2000 - 2006V 220 S 500 L/S 600 L (B4, B6/B7)
2004 - 2006VV 220S 500 Pullman (B6/B7)
1999 onwardsG 463G 500 (B6 and B7)
2002 onwardsW 211E 320, E 500 (B4)
2005 onwardsW 211E 350 (B4)
2006 onwardsW 211E 320 CDI (B4)
2006 onwardsV 221S 600 (B6/B7)


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Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard, profile view Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard, door detail Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard during test Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard interior

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Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard, back view Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard, face view Mercedes-Benz Guard series Mercedes-Benz G Guard Mercedes-Benz Guard cars Mercedes-Benz Guard after shot test Mercedes-Benz Guard's bulletproof glass Mercedes-Benz Guard's bulletproof glass

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Mercedes-Benz Guard technical scheme

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