mercedes-benz g guard

Mercedes-Benz G Guard

Many prefer getting luxury cars which is the reason why some people choose to buy second hand cars such as used Mercedes Benz instead of the new Toyotas or Nissans. Luxury cars truly give its owner an aura of power and style. But aside from being a status symbol, these type of cars are also worth the cost because of its solid built and amazing features that you won't normally find on regular cars. The Mercedes-Benz G 463 Station Wagon belongs to such classification. Similarly if you've always dreamed of buying a yacht you could find used Princess Yachts for sale if a brand new yacht is out of your price range.

The angled and robust Mercedes-Benz G 463 Station Wagon model series with B6/B7 protection level, guarding from attacks of organized criminality or even terrorist attacks, is admittedly one of the most fascinating armored cars ever. Used in military, police, fire brigade and other sectors since 1999, the G-Guard class with V8 G 500 (4966 cm3) engine and output of 218 kW (296 hp) makes it easy to survive potential attacks and makes it easy to escape. Unlike armored E and S classes, the armored G class offers different drive characteristics thanks to it's design. The first difference is the maximum speed which is limited to 160 km/h (210 km/h for the S class, 240 km/h for all E 320 CDI, E 350 and E 500). On the other hand, armored cars weren't designed for speed circuits or even races. Their primary goal is to protect and keep the passengers safe. Naturally, you should buying an armored car if there are reasonable arguments for such action. Thanks to the armor weight, the Guard class's weight raises from 2400 kgs (series vehicle) to 3570 (B6 protection level) or 3970 (B7 protection level) and allows to carry 630 kgs with B6 armoring and 330 kgs with B7 armoring level. Like all Mercedes-Benz's Guard cars, this model fuel tank is designed for unpredictable situations and it's capacity is 96 litres with approximately 20 litres as a reserve.


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