armored cars companies

Armored cars companies

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Update; 22th February 2010 - As of 22th February 2010, being listed in the list of armored cars companies is paid. We had to make these listings paid because of many requests from various companies dealing with armored cars. Also some companies' websites became inactive or domains became expired and maintaining this list requires weekly tasks.

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Here is the list of companies which provide various services related to armored cars or security as a whole. CarsArmored.Org may be affiliated to any of these companies, but we can't control content on their sites as well as their reliability and such aspects. The list is not ordered by quality, alphabet, services. As time goes by we're adding newly found companies at the bottom of this page.

Please note that we focus on companies offering services related to armored cars, however it's not a rule. Here we may list sites offering different services as well. These services include but don't limit to bodyguards, investigations, etc.

International Armored Group

Originally founded in Canada, this company ships armored vehicles to the entire world. Vehicles are used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Contact URL: here (you will have to click on "contact")

AT Systems

Offers armored transportation, cash vault services, and related. US based company.

Contact URL: here


Offers comprehensive range of protective solutions for commercial passenger vehicles and CIT trucks. Worldwide delivery. The site is available in English, Spanish and Russian language.

Contact URL: here (you will have to click few times from that URL because they don't offer direct links due to the technology)

Stealth Security Group

A UK, London based company offering security assessment, training, team protection, residential and transportation, protection of delegates and VIPs.

Contact URL: here

Lenco Armored Vehicles

The field-tested & Aberdeen tested Lenco BearCat employs MRAP (Mine
Resistant Ambush Protected) Ballistic and Blast resistance technology.
The BearCat VIP offers Level B-7 (AP) armor & blast resistance in a
unique executive protection vehicle. The BearCat G-4 is used as a gun
truck for convoy protection and perimeter patrol and security. Lenco
customers include: law enforcement, military, government and private
security forces. Vehicles are in 80 of the top 100 cities, on
bases, and in-theater.

Contact URL: here

INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing

Armored cars production with distributors all around the world. Offers personal vehicles (SUV's and sedans), armored ambulances, buses and trucks. In addition, the company offers accessories.

Contact URL: here


A US company offering services including armored cars, cash vault, ATM, logistic, security and training.

Contact URL: here

Churchill Armoured Car Service

Offers armoured car services in the Greater Vancouver region. Awarded by Canadian Forces Liaison Council Award 2001.

Contact URL: here


An international company which offers armoed SUV's (Cadillac, Dodge, Ford, Hummer, Jeep, Land Rover, Toyota, Chevrolet), Sedans (BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors), Cash in transit armored trucks, Military units, Used armored vehicles, and Police units.

Contact URL: here (contact form is on the homepage at the right side)

Rochester Armored Car Company, Inc.

Serving Mid-America region. Offers services including ATM, vault, courier. Owns an on-line store which is selling deposit and coins bags, straps and wraps, and supplies.

Contact URL: here

American Security L.L.C.

Provides general investigative services, surveillance, bodyguard, fingerprinting, armed security (using licensed private detectives) and internal theft investigation.

Contact URL: here

Texas Armoring Corporation

A company which has been bulletproofing vehicles since the mid 1970s. Specializes and armores high-end luxury vehicles for executive protection. Armored cars and bulletproof vehicles are of the highest quality and source vehicles for diplomats, VIPs, executives, celebrities, and other distinguished individuals. Texas Armoring Corporation had the honor of armoring the Pope-mobile for one of his visits to Mexico.

Contact URL: here


Sells and produces ballistic glass, run flat tyres, jammers, night vision, bulletproof vests and related items. Has offices in Turkey, Germany and Iraq.

Contact URL: here

Black Armor

Sells bullet proof vests, cars, gas masks, bomb protection, police dogs protection, tactical helmets.

Contact URL: here

Aleks Armor

Manufactures and sells ballistics protection, body armor, bullet proof vests. Located in Belgrade, Serbia.

Contact URL: here

Alpha Armouring Panzerung GmbH

German manufacturer of armored cars, armored stretch limousines and armored off-road vehicles. Located in Munich.

Contact URL: here

Alpine Armoring Inc.

Sells personal protection, cash-in-transit vehicles , rescue trucks, SWAT trucks. Also offers accessories. Located in Virginia, USA.

Contact URL: here


Manufacturer of custom-specialised vehicles. Works with clients in clients in China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru and Taiwan. Passenger cars, cargo vans, mid size trucks, and shuttle buses.

Contact URL: here

Armet Armored Vehicles

Manufacturer of armored vehicles and heavy capacity armored vehicles. They have representatives in many countries.

Contact URL: here

Armored German Cars GmbH & Co. KG

Special protection vehicles based on luxory limousines and exclusive off-road-vehicles.

Contact URL: here

Armored Security International, Inc.

Provides Security, Investigations and Armored Vehicle services.

Contact URL: here

Armored Solutions Inc.

Manufactures armored vehicles and related security products. Located in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Contact URL: here

Armortek International

Manufactures armored luxury cars, commercial trucks and vans. Located in Texas, USA.

Contact URL: (We don't link to that website because has been using black-hat SEO techniques)

CBS Armored Trucks

Offering a selection of pre-owned armored vehicles, from currency transport trucks to ATM vans. Located in the USA.

Contact URL: here

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