why use an armored car

Why use an armored car

The world has been always a dangerous place, no matter if we talk about volcano, earthquake, tsunami or carjacking, attempted assassinations, terrorist attacks. Even though we can do very little in case of disaster, we can use armored cars or armored cars services in order to keep us and our family safe from danger.

Of course, it's not necessary to use any armored car if you live in peaceful country-side miles away from cities and away from civilization. However, if you live in a city you never know if you're the next one who dies after shooting no matter if you're the target or if the shooter shots randomly. Bear in mind that innocent victims were, are, and will be out there always. Unfortunately there are parts of the world that are extremely dangerous for even regular civilians. The reality of the world is not like a pirate game where you come back to life after being attacked. Personal protection should be of utmost importance if you live in these areas.

For instance, we bring you a story which happend on 25-th of April, 2005 in the city of Kosice, Slovakia. After merciless fire where the target was one Mafioso in his Mercedes-Benz E-Class without armoring, died an innocent 29 years old man who was at the wrong place in the wrong time. 54 shots from the machine rifle killed the target, but killed the man who hasn't had anything to do with illegal business too. Moreover, other people who were waiting for a bus on a busy road had unspeakable luck that they survived.

Generally speaking, while you're in a car, the only thing who can make you safe is armoring. Reliable armoring and reliable armored cars saved thousands of lifes. If we analyse the probablility of attack, we can say that the most dangerous countries are Afghanistan, Cote d'Ivore, Republic of Congo, Haiti, Iraq, Liberia, Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe followed by Burundi, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Groznyj, and Georgia.

As you can see in the above-mentioned list, you won't find Slovakia there. However, how is it possible that anyone can die in a country which doesn't belong to „the most dangerous“ places over the world? As we all know, countries like Brazil, Argentina, or Colombia don't belong to such lists, but carjackings and other forms of crime bloom there. Basically, no-one is safe.

Depending on your budget, you should consider using armored car service or buying an armored car in the following case:

  • 1) You are a politician,
  • 2) You are a businessman,
  • 3) You are a mafioso,
  • 4) You are rich,
  • 5) You have rich relatives (and they are willing to support you),
  • 6) You don't live in a safe country/city,
  • 7) You have powerful enemies.

Sorry if we didn't mention some cases. Additionally, armored cars give you another advantages which include latest technologies, or safety during car accidents. Naturally, there are some major disadvantages such as high fuel consumption and car insurance.

Why and how does an armored car prevent you from potential carjacking?

Generally, there are two types of cars; Ordinary and armored. While non-armored cars are vulnerable when it comes to carjacking, armored cars give you advantages such as closing all doors, windows in a moment, so that it is impossible to enter the car. Moreover, it's weight makes it very difficult to stop such vehicle. Based on known strategies, inexperienced carjackers work on crossroads usually. Sophisticated carjackers use cars in order to stop the target. In both cases, armored cars guard their passengers. Only top-level carjackers use armored cars for their so-called work. But using armored car doesn't mean they can stop the target easily especially if you drive a Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard or armored BMW, Lincoln, etc.

Are armored cars services worth it?

Naturally, not everyone can buy a car which costs $300 000 or even more. In this case, you should consider hiring an armored car service. Well, to be honest we must say that such services aren't available in each city or even country. Anyhow, these companies know what they're doing very well. If they use latest-technologies cars which fit B6 or B7 protection criteria, you will be safe. In addition, their drivers are former policemen, or soldiers.

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