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Armoured cars are designed for safe transfers and for keeping passengers alive during the transport. Especially needed in war conflicts, during money relocations or for important politicians or businessmen. This is possible thanks to Dyneema, which is a synthetic fibre fifteen times stronger than steel by, allowing specialists to create bulletproof plates installed in cars. Depending on the requirements, your car can be protected from ordinary handguns, through grenades and various mines or bombs, to rifles, shotguns and machine guns.

You can't protect yourself from everything, however armoured car gives you that chance to leave a dangerous place which ordinary cars without any armour don't offer. The basic idea says that you are safe until your car is moving. This is why you need a quality driver as well as the latest technologies used for protecting your life in cars.

Our goals

In order to satisfy everyone's needs, armoured cars divide themselves into military and civilian. Our site focuses on the second ones, since these are usable in ordinary traffic and they represent the power of the transported person. Naturally, escorted with bodyguards in most cases. Armoured civilian cars are mostly represented by the BMW 7 series and Mercedes-Benz S type, however there are armored Maybachs, Lincolns, Toyotas, Cadillacs, Nissans, Chevrolets, Fords and other models too.

For each type of armour there are standards and each type of armour must fit one of those standards (similar to the ISO standards). In addition, there are different standards for US and for Europe. Not everyone knows that bulletproof glass or plates don't secure you from heavy shot, and standards define a material armoured if only shots are distant from each other, and not every standardization requires stopping more bullets than a single one. Also, projectiles may be changed in order to break through the armour and it's also a matter of speed when a bullet is fired.

Our site is here to give you useful information no matter if you're just an enthusiastic, or if you really need an armored car. We are trying to show you different points of view as well as known facts. In order to give you a real idea on the advantages of armoured cars, we will also publish details of attempted assassinations. In addition, we offer various companies to present their products at no cost here. Just follow this link in order to read the agreement.

Final note

Please, do not contact us for sales since we are provider of information only. In case of interest, visit sites mentioned on our links page where you can find several armored cars manufacturers.

Apart from information about bulletproof vehicles, you're welcome to visit which is devoted to sports cars!